30-06 Outdoors MOJO Scent Sticks – JoAnn Herbert

Most hunters I know have very definitive views on whether or not to attempt to be scent-free or to use cover scents to mask human odor. Considering the amount of products on the market to put odor in the air, … Continue reading

Aquamira Water Filter Solutions ~Diane Hassinger

Contaminated water can ruin a trip of a lifetime quickly! Whether you are enjoying the outdoors or traveling abroad, water contaminated with bacteria and other pathogens, is often your only source to drink. I often travel to remote areas that … Continue reading

Yukon Gear Parka and Bibs~ Diane Hassinger

I spent much of last year’s hunting season in the snow and cold weather. I was able to ward off the cold temperatures by layering my clothing, and for my outer layer, I chose Yukon Gear. There is not much … Continue reading

Stik N Shoot Magnetic Lighting System – Diane Hassinger

I have night hunted in the past, mainly for alligators and hogs. On a recent trip to South Africa we were hunting on a damage control permit for a large agricultural farm and producer of pepper, melons, tomatoes and oranges. … Continue reading

Cabela’s Youth Hunter Soft-Shell Jacket & Pants – Nikita Dalke

  I had originally wanted to buy the Women’s Windshear gear but had problems finding my size in the stores close to me and I didn’t want to order them online because of the need to try pants on before I … Continue reading

HME Products Bag Target Stand – Diane Hassinger

Like most archers, I own a lot of targets, including several bag targets. I have always just sat them on the ground and they function fine, as a target, but they get filthy and covered with slugs. HME Products has … Continue reading

Fat Rax Deer Mineral Mix by Invite X-Tream Wildlife System – Mackenzie Walters

Mineral sites are a win-win situation for both the hunter and the deer population. Most hunters understand minerals are necessary not only for antler growth, but for milk production for nursing does. Using minerals is one of the easiest ways … Continue reading

Honey-Hole Feeder from Buckeye Feeders by JoAnn Herbert

I’ve used various types of feeders in the past, most of them some type of home-made contraption. Feeders can be a useful tool in evaluating the health of the herd and patterning deer.Before investing in any type of feeder, please … Continue reading