Flextone Game Calls Thunder Series ~ Jeanne Peebles


imageAs a newbie to turkey hunting I was very intimidated with the variety of calls available. I was given the opportunity to use and review the Flextone Thunder Series calls. They included the Thunder Yelper, Thunder Cut’N and Thunder Gobble.

The first time I heard the Thunder series used was at The NWTF Convention in Nashville, TN while attending an Eddie Salter seminar. He spoke a lot to those of us new to turkey hunting and new to calling even touching on the difficulty some have with using mouth calls. By the end of the seminar I definitely wanted to try these calls. I had about 6 weeks to practice with the calls prior to our turkey season beginning.

The Thunder Yelper is used for close to mid-range calling, is perfect for soft yelps and much easier to use than mouth calls. The Thunder Cut’N is also used for close to mid-range calling, can be used for loud, raspy yelps and cuts perfect for locating gobblers and is easier than using the diaphragm calls. The Thunder Gobble is made with a double reed construction for raspy gobbling and has a ergonomic mouth piece for loud gobbles.

imageThe first call I tried was the Thunder Yelper. With easy to follow instructions I was producing yelps within a very short time that I was proud of. You can use the Yelper two different ways, hands free for close range mating yelps or hands on for louder mid range calling. The same can be said for the Thunder Cut’N. The Thunder Cut’N can be used for producing loud cutting and raspy yelps. You can also produce a Jake gobble. The Thunder Gobble has been a little more difficult for me to master. That is still a work in progress but I have had others try it out and within a few tries they were gobbling up a storm.

During turkey season I had several opportunities to listen to and mimic hens while using the Flextone calls. I was really impressed that the sounds they produced were really close to the sounds the hens were making. I would talk back and forth with them as practice. The Thunder Series is available at www.flextonegamecalls.com with a MSRP of $15.99.

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