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logoRetinaI used a new product on my black bear hunt in Saskatchewan this May and at home. This product is BUCKED scent eliminating spray. Before heading to Saskatchewan we decided to do one more hunt at home and had no time to wash our gear. My hunting clothes had not been washed in scent-free detergent recently and one of my hunting shirts had been mixed up with a normal load of clothes with Gain scent boost. Needless to say it smelled very strongly of perfumes, so I hung it up on a hanger and sprayed it down really good with BUCKED. Once it was dry there was no smell on it at all! I was very impressed, I even decided to use it around the house. With having two young children and three dogs I decided to try it on some areas of the house that Lysol and Febreeze could never get the smell out of. I just sprayed the area really well with BUCKED and let it dry – no smell, even after a few days there was still no smell. It really does work with everything.


In Saskatchewan, I used it religiously, spraying all my gear every morning and before getting in the stand. It worked flawlessly when we had a big sow trying to wind us to figure out what we were. She knew we were there because she could see us but she never figured us out until we started talking. Every bear I saw knew we were sitting in the tree, they just didnt know what we were because they couldn’t wind us.

It worked so well that because they couldnt smell me, I had numerous bear come up my tree to get a closer look. By day 6 of our hunt I was really glad I had BUCKED with me, between not having the best shower in the world and the campfire, it eliminated the smell from me and my gear.

I used it on my skin and hair. With the camp shower we had I wasn’t able to use shampoo in my thick hair for the fact that I would never have been able to wash the soap out so it helped eliminate the smell of smoke from my raggedy mop. I used it on my skin to eliminate the scent of body wash and odor and it never dried out my skin; I even sprayed it on my face. I was using hand sanitizer in camp and sprayed my hands down with BUCKED before leaving the truck and there was no trace smell of the sanitizer. I didn’t get my bear in Saskatchewan, but I did get one at home!


The author with a beautiful color phase bear she harvested on her home turf. Photo: Nikita Dalke

BUCKED scent eliminator is non toxic, biodegradable and is a 100% natural non-active biocatalyst. What does this mean? Well it means that it prevents the formation of odor-causing compounds without the use of enzymes or masking agents. It is a vegetable based non-active biocatalyst which expedites the natural degradation process of existing bacteria through the introduction of macronutrients. The biocatalyst contains vitamins, nutrients, and trace elements that provide good bacteria with the ability to expedite the digestion of odor causing compounds. BUCKED is safe and effective to use on clothing, weapons, surrounding environment and yourself.


Bucked is available in a 24 oz or 4 oz sprayer bottle. Photo credit: Stock photos from BUCKED Scent Elimination.

The product comes in a 24 oz bottle and a pocket-sized 4 oz spray bottle. The MSRP on the 24oz is $10.99 and the 4oz is $4.49. You can purchase BUCKED from their website www.getmebucked.com

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