Watson Airlock Bottomless 26 and Camo Carrier ~ Nancy Jo Adams

In preparation of my South Africa hunt, I have taken my Watson AirLock Bottomless 26 Bowhunter’s Roller Bag out of the gear room to start packing items; after all, it is never too early to start preparing. I have full … Continue reading

D2W Base Camp Holding Tank Deodorizer & Cleaner ~ Diane Hassinger

My husband and I recently trekked 4000 miles round trip, across the United States and Canada, to spend 3 weeks scouting and hunting for bears. We lived in our toy-hauler trailer for the duration of the trip. Since we were … Continue reading

BUCKED Scent Elimination Spray – Nikita Dalke

I used a new product on my black bear hunt in Saskatchewan this May and at home. This product is BUCKED scent eliminating spray. Before heading to Saskatchewan we decided to do one more hunt at home and had no time to … Continue reading

Winchester Long Beard XR Ammo – Nancy Jo Adams

It is no secret that turkey hunting is absolutely my favorite hunting….ever! The most important thing for a successful turkey hunt is knowing your shotgun’s pattern with your choke and ammo combination. Knowing your shot’s limits can quickly become your … Continue reading

Hunters Specialties Prime Time ® Fresh Earth Cover Scent Wafers – JoAnn Herbert

There are a ton of products on the market all related to scent. Some products attempt to remove all scent while other products cover up your scent. There are, of course, those scents that not only cover up your scent but … Continue reading

The Gobbler Gauge – Nancy Jo Adams

One of the most exciting moments in turkey hunting is finally getting you hands on a bird you just harvested and measuring its beard and spur length. I have always carried a small retracting measuring tape in my turkey vest. … Continue reading

Rain-Buddy Waterproof Gun Cover – Nancy Jo Adams

My first thought when I held and inspected the Rain-Buddy Waterproof Gun Cover was that it is hard to believe that such a lightweight, compact cover could keep my firearm dry in a rainstorm. The cover was folded up neatly and … Continue reading

Altera Prevail Socks – Jeanne Peebles

Socks. What is the big deal? Everyone wears them. When you are someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, socks ARE a big deal. You want socks that keep your feet warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather. … Continue reading