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Concealment is essential for hunters–whether it be camouflaging our gear, firearms, clothing, or hunting blinds. Making sure that we blend in with our surroundings along with our hunting gear, is something in which we all must consider before hitting the woods.  However, there is also something else which is extremely important to us hunters, which is protecting and ensuring the longevity of our costly hunting gear.  Protection, concealment, and durability are all essential for the avid hunter and huntress, and their hunting gear.

Sometimes we may want to make quick changes to our gear, firearms, and bows, but may not have the funds or the time to make these changes, so alternate routes may be the perfect solution. We may also face the harsh reality of damaged gear or blinds which are consequently torn or ripped due to extensive use, or simply from an accidental tear from toting our items to and from our hunting spots. No longer will hunters have to worry about buying new camouflaged gear or firearms, or have to worry about purchasing a brand new hunting blind, hunting apparel, or backpack when a tear occurs to these items when out in the field, because with the McNett Tactical Gear Patch/Field Repair Patches and the Camo Form LT Lightweight Concealment Wraps, hunters can simply carry these multi-use and economical items with them in the field or simply keep them with all of their hunting equipment at home to make customized alterations and repairs at their own convenience.

The New Camo Form LT Lightweight Concealment Wrap in Realtree Max-4  Photo: McNett Tactical Stock Photo

The New Camo Form LT Lightweight Concealment Wrap in Realtree Max-4
Photo: McNett Tactical Stock Photo

Camouflage gear, bows, and firearms are oftentimes very expensive and can cost a hunter much more out of their pocket when purchasing these items.  Sure, the look of these items are much more appealing, but sometimes we cannot afford the extra costs for a camouflaged firearm or hunting tool.  It is also tempting for us hunters to have the option to spruce up our non-camouflaged items when we want to or feel the need to.  Most hunters have a hunting item or two (okay…or ten), which are not camouflage in color, such as wooden or black synthetic stock firearms, binoculars or knives, to name a few. Purchasing new items in a camouflage pattern would be a costly upgrade, when in reality, hunters can essentially take the more economical solution to camouflaging their gear and or firearms, by purchasing much more cost effective camouflage wraps, such as the McNett Tactical Camo Form LT Lightweight Concealment Wraps to camoflauge all of their firearms, gear and equipment.

The self-clinging, McNett Tactical Camo Form LT Lightweight Concealment Wraps will protect firearms and camoflauge your gear.  The Camo Form LT by McNett Tactical is the only self-adhering, camouflage wrap which will stretch up to twice its length at 16 feet, or simply reach 8 feet in length, unstretched. Hunters can choose to use it to conceal and protect their firearms, scopes, knives, flashlights, photography equipment, or even use it to make quick repairs to their other hunting gear, such as replacing missing hand grips which have fallen off of your bow. I had recently lost one of the hand grips to my compound bow which had came unglued, and fallen off somewhere while I was practicing shooting one day. It became extremely uncomfortable for me to hold my bow, since it felt lopsided without the other matching piece on the hand grip. It was also extremely cold to the touch while handling my bow without any grip on it.  I was frustrated because I did not want to have to purchase a new one, since they can be costly and I wanted something which would make a quick repair so that I could continue practicing shooting my bow, since turkey season was just around the corner.

I turned to my McNett Tactical Camo Form LT wrap to prepare the fix. I simply took my roll of Camo Form LT wrap and wrapped it tightly around the hand grip of my bow, being sure to wrap it just enough it just enough to form to a comfortable grip for my hand. Since the Camo Form LT wrap sticks to itself while wrapped, it allowed for my new and improved hand grip to conform to the perfect fit for what I was seeking.

The best part was that I did not have to hold cold, bare metal anymore because the wrap was a much more comfortable touch and feel. I was also able to use my Camo Form LT wrap to protect my great uncle’s lever action, Winchester Model 1892, which I cherish very deeply and wanted to protect from field scratches or any other harmful elements while out in the woods. Application is quick and simple, and hunters can simply hold the beginning of the roll in place on the object being wrapped, stretch the wrap around the object, and continue to wrap the object by 1/4 inch until desired, so that the fabric will self adhere to itself.

Using my Realtree Xtra pattern Camo Form LT wrap as my new and improved hand grip to my Diamond Bow.  Photo: Ariel McCracken

Using my Realtree Xtra pattern Camo Form LT wrap as my new and improved hand grip to my Diamond Bow.
Photo: Ariel McCracken

If you are looking for various camouflage patterns, you will not have to worry because the McNett Tactical Camo Form LT wraps are available in four different camouflage patterns that includes Realtree Xtra, Realtree Max-4, Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity, and Next G1 Vista Pink. The Camo Form LT wraps are available for a very affordable cost of $10.95 MSRP per roll.

Often a hunter’s gear and apparel are exposed to various elements and obstacles in the woods which can cause damages in the way of tears, scratches, rips, broken pieces, missing parts, or even general wear and tear. Replacing these damaged items can be a costly fix, but we can make economical and quick repairs by choosing alternate routes to fixing our damaged hunting items by using gear patches. The McNett Tactical Gear Patch Field Repair Patches allow hunters to make repairs to their camouflage hunting gear, while also being able to feel confident with the durability and concealment of each individual gear patch.


Applying the McNett Tactical Gear Patch to my blind which got torn in the woods.  Photo: Ariel McCracken

Applying the McNett Tactical Gear Patch to my blind which got torn in the woods.
Photo: Ariel McCracken

The Gear Patch by McNett Tactical is composed of heavy-duty CORDURA fabric, which features an ultra-strong adhesive which bonds to almost any surface. The gear patches can be applied in the field with finger pressure to instantly repair hunting and camouflage gear and clothing and equipment, such as hunting blinds. I recently noticed that my new turkey hunting blind had a tear on the one side of the blind, below the window. I was bummed that it had a tear because I wanted to be sure that I was fully concealed in my hunting blind, but also wanted to be sure that I could keep the heat inside the blind during colder months when hunting other game and when having my portable heater with me. With the McNett Tactical Gear Patches, I was able to make a quick repair, before hitting the woods, which will in turn keep my new hunting blind in top shape and fully functional for many more hunting seasons to come.

The Gear Patches come in a package of 3 patches; two circular and one rectangle.  Photo: Ariel McCracken

The Gear Patches come in a package of 3 patches; two circular and one rectangle.
Photo: Ariel McCracken

Not only can the patches be applied in the field, but they can also be applied at home to further increase the bond strength and wear life of each individual patch.  Each package contains two 3 inch circular patches and one 3 inch x 5 inch rectangular patch. The Gear Patches by McNett Tactical can be cut and trimmed to ensure the perfect fit to contour to most rips, tears, or holes to allow for a clean and accurate repair. The McNett Tactical Gear Patches are available in Realtree Max-4, Realtree AP, and Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity and are available for purchase at a very affordable cost of  $6.95 MSRP.

Both the McNett Tactical Gear Patches and the McNett Tactical Camo Form LT Wraps can be located in the “Camouflage” product section on the McNett Tactical website.  To see the full line of McNett Tactical products, you can visit their website online at:

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