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conquest scentsHow many scent dispensers have you tried? I, myself, have tried more than I care to admit. Most were store-bought and some even home-made but none have been exactly what was promised or even what I expected.

The easy to use Stink Stick Photo: Conquest Scents

The easy to use Stink Stick
Photo: Conquest Scents

During the 2013-14 hunting season I had the opportunity to use the ConQuest Stink Stick. It was very well made with a tapered thread that keeps air out when closed which keeps your scent fresh. It was easy to fill. All you have to do is unscrew the top tapered cap and pour. It has a premium fiberglass “flow-through” wick which allows more scent distribution due to better air flow. Once in the field you unscrew the bottom tapered thread and hang from branch. It has a leak free design that was put to the test! I carried it in my back pack, pants pocket, jacket and even threw it in the back of my Jeep and let it lay on its side for a few days. No leaks! After season ended I simply removed the scent wick, washed the dispenser and once dry replaced the scent wick. It is now packed and ready for next season!

The ConQuest Stink Stick is made in the USA and comes in two colors, orange cap or green cap and can be purchased in single or double packs. You can also purchase replacement wicks. You can purchase the ConQuest Stink Stick and also check out their other products at The MSRP is $9.99 for single pack and $17.99 for double pack. The MSRP for Replacement Wicks (2 pack) is $3.49.

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