McNett Tactical Gear Patch and Camo Form LT- Ariel McCracken

Concealment is essential for hunters–whether it be camouflaging our gear, firearms, clothing, or hunting blinds. Making sure that we blend in with our surroundings along with our hunting gear, is something in which we all must consider before hitting the … Continue reading

Yukon Gear Ladies Jacket‭ ~‬ Leann Blasko

I am a coat snob!‭ ‬I own a lot of different coats and often I am disappointed by the lack of versatility in them.‭ ‬Either the coats are tight and restrict my movement or they are simply not cut out for weather … Continue reading

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) Persea Sleeping Bag, Women’s Model -Nikita Dalke

As a backcountry hunter and backpacker you tend to need a lot more gear then just your average hunter. You basically need to be able to carry a bunch of camping gear, survival gear, and hunting gear on your back … Continue reading

ConQuest Stink Stick – Jeanne Peebles

How many scent dispensers have you tried? I, myself, have tried more than I care to admit. Most were store-bought and some even home-made but none have been exactly what was promised or even what I expected. During the 2013-14 hunting … Continue reading

Alpine Innovations GunSlicker – JoAnn Herbert

To many of us, the purchase of a gun may begin with months of saving up those pennies.  Or to others, a gun may represent an inheritance – a family tradition of passing gun ownership from generation to generation. With … Continue reading

SkullHooker Little Hooker and Bone Bracket- Ariel McCracken

Hunting stories and memories are precious keepsakes which can be shared and passed down from generation to generation, from one hunter to the next. All stories come with their own personal attachment and unique novel, which can depict a storybook … Continue reading

Venom Boots for the Family ~Diane Hassinger

Keep your youth hunter safe from snake bites, as they follow in your footsteps. LaCrosse makes their Venom line of snake boots in a variety of sizes to accommodate the entire family, while keeping them dry, comfortable and safe. Both … Continue reading