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“Practice makes perfect.” We have all heard that famous saying at some time in our lives, especially when it comes to perfecting our shooting skills for an archery competition or for an upcoming hunting season. It takes time and dedication to practice shooting a bow, building up the strength and stamina for accurate shooting.

Whether shooting a long bow, recurve, compound or crossbow there is one thing that is certain; an archer does not want to bump the sight, or any other component, on the bow which could hinder the shooting accuracy and overall performance of the equipment. The last thing an archer needs is for a bow to get damaged by getting dropped or knocked causing it to be out of sight, especially when practicing in preparation of an upcoming hunt. 

Placing my bow onto the Standard Bowtree to retrieve my arrows.  Photo: Ariel McCracken

Placing my bow onto the Standard Bowtree to retrieve my arrows.
Photo: Ariel McCracken

If an archer is practicing  alone, it can be difficult  to pull out arrows from a target while trying to hold tightly onto the bow all at the same time. Sometimes multi-tasking is not easy and one’s natural instinct may be to temporarily lay the bow down on the ground so that the archer can retrieve the arrows from the target with ease.

What some archers may not take into consideration is that the sight, cams, strings, or limbs can get bumped or pickup debris without ever noticing it at the time. This could seriously alter the shooting performance of a bow in an instance. In the past, I have struggled to carefully hold onto my bow while retrieving my arrows out of a target and constantly worried about bumping the pins on my sight.

No longer will archers have to fret about bumping any valuable components on their bow; with the Standard Bowtree from Bowtree Inc., archers can shoot with confidence and pull arrows with ease while bows are stowed safely on the ingeniously designed bow rack. I recently field tested the Standard Bowtree while I was practicing shooting my compound bow after a snowfall in Western Pennsylvania. With snow coating the ground, I had no worries because using the Standard Bowtree, I could safely place my bow onto the rubber coated rack while retrieving my arrows. I did not have to worry about bumping the pins on my sight or getting my bow covered in snow due to placing it on the ground.

Easy step-in ground placement.  Photo: Ariel McCracken

Easy step-in ground placement.
Photo: Ariel McCracken

The Standard Bowtree is an Outdoor Double Bow Hanger which is made from cold rolled steel, topped with a baked on, powder coat finish. Each hanger is welded from solid steel and to further help protect the equipment, each hanging area is carefully covered by the weather resistant Bowtree rubber which is covered by Bowtree’s *lifetime warranty.

Set-up is quick and simple with the easy step-on ground placement, which provides the user with a foot bar at the bottom of the Standard Bowtree, allowing for a smooth insertion into the ground to secure the stand in place. By holding onto the hanging area, the user can place a foot onto the step-on bar at the bottom of the Bowtree to smoothly insert the hanger into the ground.

The overall length of the Standard Bowtree is 50” with a 42” hanging area and the hanging bar measuring in at 15”. If an archer chooses to shoot with a partner, neither of the individuals will have to worry because the Standard Bowtree allows for two bows to be hung simultaneously, in an upright position. The Standard Bowtree is also now available in a Glow in the Dark finish (010GB).

For archers, the price of fine-tuning a bow can be a costly fix if an individual needs to make any repairs due to damages, but with the Standard Bowtree, shooters can practice with confidence to protect their valuable bows from any damage due to laying a bow down on the ground. The Standard Bowtree has a MSRP of $19.95 and can be found online at You can also visit to find a variety of Bowtree products and much, much more.

With the Standard Bowtree close by, it is easy to practice your shooting. Photo: Ariel McCracken

With the Standard Bowtree close by, it is easy to practice your shooting.
Photo: Ariel McCracken

Archers, the next time you practice shooting your bow, remember that practice makes perfect. You should take pride in all of your hard work and dedication to perfecting your shot by treating your bow with respect and protecting it from any harmful damage. If you practice all year round and in all weather conditions, you can confidently protect your bow from all elements by simply hanging your bows from the Standard Bowtree while practicing your shooting and/or retrieving your arrows from targets.

*Disclosure for Bowtree Inc. Lifetime Guarantee: All Bowtree Inc. products are covered by a never need to replace warranty. If for any reason your product fails to meet your satisfaction, simply return the product to Bowtree Inc. for a full refund. If the Bowtree Rubber ever wears out, rips, tears, or fails to perform to your satisfaction under normal* use, we will replace it at no cost.

*Normal use-Bowtree Inc. reserves the right to limit warranty claims to one per product, during any three year time period. Restocking fee may apply.

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