NeverLost iPad Pouch-Diane Hassinger

Neverlost has an entire line of hunting and outdoor gear that is predominately orange and black, to make you most visible to other hunters, and others in your party.  The bright orange also makes it easier to locate your Items … Continue reading

Lifeline by Hunter Safety Systems-Diane Hassinger

Do you know someone who has suffered a fall from a tree stand? Unfortunately, I do. His fall was not the fault of not wearing a harness, but rather from the transition from the lock on to the climbing sticks. … Continue reading

LeMaster Waterfowl Identification App – Ladies in Camo Staff

Being able to correctly identify the variety of species is very important when waterfowl hunting. Correct identification will keep you legal when it comes to bag limits and legal birds to shoot. In 1986 Richard LeMaster’s book “Waterfowl Identification: The … Continue reading

Gorilla G-TacAir Safety Harness for Women – Teri Lancaster

Wearing a safety harness in the tree stand has always been cumbersome and uncomfortable for me –until now. I purchased the Gorilla G15 safety harness a few years ago and even though it was not ideal for my female frame, I found … Continue reading

Go Pink with Victory Archery’s Pink Carbon Arrows-Diane Hassinger

Everyone has a little pink in them. Either yourself, or someone you love, has most likely dealt with Breast Cancer at some point in their life. Victory Archery has made it easy to shoot a quality arrow or crossbow bolt … Continue reading

Bucks and Beards Cover Scents – Jeanne Peebles

Anyone who has hunted has tried various cover scents to aid them in a successful hunt. Over the years I have tried numerous products. I have experienced a slight difference with some and no difference with others. Earlier this year, … Continue reading

Harmon Scents by Cass Creek makes Sense-Diane Hassinger

Everyone knows that a deer’s sense of smell is much more fine tuned than ours.  Trying to trick that sensitive nose is sometimes a recipe for disaster, but not this year. As whitetail deer season rolled around with everyone is trying … Continue reading