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Recently I was provided a sample of ConQuest Scents EverCalm™ Deer Herd Scent Sticks™ – 2.5 oz. to try on our hunts. I’ve seen the product commercials previously and wondered whether or not it really worked.

Ever Calm™ Deer Herd Scent Stick™ 2.5 oz roll-up solid stick. Photo Credit: ConQuest Scents

Ever Calm™ Deer Herd Scent Sticks™ 2.5 oz roll-up solid stick. Photo Credit: ConQuest Scent Sticks

ConQuest Scent Sticks state that the scent is made up of “a collection of buck, doe and fawn bedding area scents and smells”. I found the best feature of this scent is the dial-up, deodorant style container it comes packaged in. You can easily dial up as much or as little as you need to put out.

Once you dial-up the amount you wish to use, you can easily rub it on any area you want. I would recommend that if you plan to rub the product on your boots, wait until you exit your vehicle before walking to your stand/hunting area. It is definitely a potent smell but it is not offensive; at least I did not find it as offensive as some cover scents I’ve used.

While testing this product in the field on a recent hunt, I did have does walk right up to where I rubbed the Scent Stick and they did not seem to be offended; none of the does blew at it, stomped their feet or acted nervous in any way. I haven’t been lucky enough yet to come close enough to a big buck this season to attest to the products effectiveness around mature bucks; but seeing how the does reacted, I’m confident that the product will have the same calming effect on the bucks as it did with the does.

Ever Calm™ Deer Herd Scent Sticks™ is available at and has a MSRP of $19.99. ConQuest Scents offer a variety of Scent Sticks which include Elk Herd, Rutting Buck and VS-1 Estrus. You can read more about this product at and even research all of the ConQuest Scent products available at their website.

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