South Africa Adventure Day 1-Diane

After a bad start to our trip; an hour an a half delay on the first flight, running like with wind thru Dulles to catch our 2nd flight, lost luggage-all of it!, and our first stop in South Africa being a Woolworth’s to buy sock and under garments, today was much better!!  Our luggage is still awol, along with all of our guns.  I borrow a 30-06 off the camp, and we are making the best of it.  Morgan had to hunt in bedroom slippers since her shoes are in her bag, but she went out. 

This morning we went out just to show us what to expect, and I was able to go on 3 stalks for  Impala, but no luck.  This afternoon that changed!!  We stalked after a mature Impala and I was able to place a perfect shot on him and dropped him where he stood.  I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.

We spotted a great Cape Buffalo on our drive back to the lodge, unfortunately we only had the borrow 30-06.  So Dale is going to have to try to find him again later in the week.

The lodging is breath taking, and the food is wonderful, and speaking of which, I am going out to the fire to enjoy our evening meal.

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