Just Dreaming of the Buck of My Dreams ~Diane~

Hunting in Missouri is awesome!!  I had a absolute heart stopping (and heart breaking!) chance at the buck of my dreams, but fate had other intentions.  I did however harvest a beautiful 8 point buck on the last day of my hunt.  He crossed the small river and came into my view.  He was traveling with a really small 8 point.  The smaller 8 point made his way out to the harvested corn field, while this one walked the 60 yards to come directly under my tree stand :)   I actually had to wait for him to move out a little ways before I could get the opportunity to shoot.  While he is not the buck of my dreams, he is filling my freezer with meat for the upcoming winter.  When all is said and done, I still mainly hunt for meat, and a great trophy is just the icing on the cake.  Don’t get me wrong, even a trophy buck is still going to go into our freezer, we do not waste anything!  I still have a few more opportunities to make my dreams come true, with back to back hunts in Illinois and a rifle hunt in Alabama.

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