Family Vacation-Our Style!-Diane

My family and I, including 2 of our grandchildren, have been enjoying a mixed bag of highlights to our vacation.  We started off hog hunting at Racknine Outdoors in Alabama, moved on to alligator hunting in Florida with Capt. Billy Henderson, add in some spearing of hogs, a hurricane, and some hog hunting in Georgia, and you have a perfect family trip!  I will fill in all of the details when I get a chance, but so far Ryan (7) has shot an alligator with a crossbow and speared a wild hog.  Pretty good for a 4′ tall boy!  His sister Sarah (9) shot a 9′ alligator and also speared her wild hog!  Their mama, my daughter, managed to get a 10′ alligator and a speared wild hog, our good friends Mike and Vicki got their hogs; Vicki had to use a knife to get her wild hog though!  While I have shot a 9′ alligator and am not done yet!  The power keeps going out in our hotel due to Hurricane Isaac, so for now lets just say we are having a FANTASTIC trip!



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