Final Chapter of My 2012 Grand Slam

On May 10th, 2012 my husband Clint and I loaded up the truck with our turkey gear and headed to McCune, Kansas.  When we arrived at Hickory Creek Outfitter owned and operated by Mark, Linda, Adam and Jacob Bennett they made us feel right at home, we were greeted with big smiles and warm hand shakes.  Linda showed us to our room which was very nice and cozy, then she gave us a tour.  They have two lodges both are top notch, the one we stayed in has 6 bed rooms, a lounge area, two bathrooms and a large kitchen/dinning area with a sitting room, the lodge use to be a barn.  Once we unloaded our luggage Mark took us to the fields and gave us our choice of places to set up.  Clint and I chose the field that had yet to be worked, thinking we would be able to see the turkey easier and Mark told me they have more eastern turkey than rio turkey but the ones they have are in this area.  
Friday, May 11th our game plan was if a eastern came out Clint was going to take it because I was waiting on a bird with color!  When we got to the field that morning we found a place that looked promising to whom we didn’t know.  Clint made some hoot owl calls and we could hear about 5 gobblers they weren’t on the Bennett’s land but they weren’t far either.  We found a spot just a the tree line in some tall grass.  I walked out 20 yards and set the Little Runt up then hurried back to the seat where the mosquitoes tried to carry me off!  At sunrise we started to hear the turkeys fly down from roost it sounded like they where heading our way then they completely shut down.  We had a hen fly down right in front of us she paired up with another hen and they checked out the Runt and fed for a while then went out of the field the direction we last heard the toms.  I told Clint that is not going to be good for us because they will probably meet and stay in the neighbors field.  
About 2 hours had passed and the only thing we had seen was a buck that came in behind us.  I received a text from Adam wondering how things where, I told him we heard some but haven’t seen anything yet, keep you updated.  Getting restless, I talked to Clint about walking over to the tree line where the hens went in to see if I could see the toms, he said yeah you might walk slowly over there and see if you see anything.  Then, I started playing mind games with myself do I get up or do I stay?  I’m glad I thought about it because just as I started to tell him I’ll be right back…I seen a turkey and he is a rio.  My heart starts pounding as I can see the turkey marathon finish line.  I raise my gun and tell Clint “I know he’s little but he counts” at this time he is 40 yards and closing fast, he is coming right to the Runt.  Then, I see bird #2 he is bigger than the first but still small.  He was a little bit more reserved about coming out into the open but bird #3 wasn’t!  The third one out was the biggest and was running toward the Runt.  Heart pounding even faster, I waited for a clean shot.  BBOOOMMMM!!    
He went right down, Clint and I hugged and fist pumped then I realized what I just finished…My Grand Slam!  A tear welled up in my eye and feeling of peacefulness over whelmed me!  I quickly got up and claimed my prize, he wasn’t the biggest bird but he was symbolical.  He did however have something that none of my other birds have had, two beards!! I automatically called Nancy Jo to tell her the great news then text Adam, they were both so happy for me.  
Clint ended up getting his bird the next morning in the same field I got mine!  
We both walked a way very pleased with everything at Hickory Creek!  I would highly recommend them, there is not one thing I would change about their camp, food was outstanding, great lodge and wonderful people!  
This hunt is dedicated to my wonderful family.  With out my husband I would have never been able to do this grand slam, he has unselfishly helped me with everything I needed to complete this challenge.  He traveled with me and watched me be the hunter when I know he wanted to hunt instead of call.  When, he couldn’t go with me he watched the kids and was Mr. Mom.  I thank God everyday for him!           

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