Diane: Saskatchewan in my Future

I have had a busy weekend. My daughter married in a true “Redneck” fashion. The dresses were made of Realtree Camo and most everyone else wore camo also. The ceremony was held in front of a waterfall off of a trail we like to hike. We shot clay pigeons at the reception and generally had a really good time.

Now the real work starts. I am checking the sights on my rifles and crossbow, and my husband tweaked his bow, all in preparation of our bear hunt in just a few days. I am taking the Savage Lady Hunter rifles, one for me and one for Pat. Two shots out of both proved they were still right on target. I could cover all 4 shots with a quarter. I do love these rifles!! My Ten Point crossbow is also dialed in. I am hoping to take a bear with the crossbow, but if they do not cooperate with that plan, plan B is rifle hunting.

We will be hunting with Saskadrenaline in Saskatchewan for black bear. I have managed to pack everything but my cameras and binos into my crossbow case.

2 thoughts on “Diane: Saskatchewan in my Future

  1. Lots of bear being seen, but none shot yet. A couple of them could be shooters, but everyone wanted to wait and compare for a bit.

    Shannon is very creative, She made the jewelry out of spent bullets, and the corsages were made using pheasant feathers and the bottom circle of shotgun shells. This was definitely her type of wedding!

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