Nancy Jo: The Scores are tallying up at Hickory Creek Outfitter

What a fantastic hunt Ladies in Camo is having at Hickory Creek Outfitter in McCune, KS. There are three couples sharing camp this weekend and from what it sounds like, they are having an amazing time.

The hunt started off with LIC Staff Heather Lininger from Missouri harvesting the final bird of her grand slam on the group’s first morning hunt…a double bearded bird, at that.


This morning, I received a text before my feet ever hit the ground that Donna Floyd from Missouri harvested her FIRST turkey ever. How exciting is that?? This is EXACTLY the goals I dreamed of for Ladies in Camo when it was a yearning thought in my head and heart 4.5 years ago. Congratulations, Donna!!


As if that wasn’t enough excitement…..just short of 25 minutes later, I get another text from Heather that her husband, Clint, just shot a bird!!


Fantastic!! Congratulations to Heather, Donna and Clint and good luck to Tina, Robert and Ellis–I cannot wait to get those texts. Stay tuned for updates and stories right here on the Ladies in Camo Field Journal.

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