Heather: Eastern Turkey, bird #2 of my grand slam 2012!

On April 23, 2012, my husband Clint and I got up bright and early to get in a morning turkey hunt here at the house. When we got to the field we were going to hunt in, Clint set the Little Runt decoy out and I found a tree to get cozy with. We could hear a lot of gobbling going on in the woods just up the hill in front of us.

About 45 mins had past when we heard them fly down from roost, we could hear 3 gobblers. A little part of me thought this might not be my day because they were walking the hill side gobbling then it sounded like they were going to head away from us. We could hear some hens with them so Clint started calling to the hens. Within 10 mins the hens started to come into view. The first hen that came out and fed just outside of the tree line I thought she was going to cross the small creek in front of her and head our way but she didn’t, she went under the fence to the neighbors field. I was sick to my stomach because I just knew that they were going to follow her. Three more hens came out, each time they took the same path the first hen took.

Finally, a big gobbler comes out of the woods. Clint can’t see him so I give him step by step details! I just knew he was going to follow the same path as the hens but he crossed the creek. When he got out of my view Clint felt confident enough that he could stand up and locate him through the brush. The Gobbler was pacing the fence line, gobbling, drumming and spiting, all we could do was watch!

Nearly an hour had past since we first seen him, I told Clint I think we can sneak up on him. So we took off very slowly though the woods. I told Clint to make some calls along the way so the tom thinks we are coming to him. We finally get to the end of a finger of woods, we were so worried he would see us. I set up against the base of a tree and Clint knelled behind me. He was so close but we couldn’t see him; a small hill was all that separated us.

Clint called to this bird until he almost couldn’t call anymore! Then, I could see him. Through the tall grass I could see movement, I knew I couldn’t shoot yet but he was so close. He came a little closer but, I had a small tree limb right where his head was. Clint whispered as he asked, “Can you shoot? Can you make that shot?” I knew I could make that long of a shot but I could not see his head as good as Clint could; he was higher than I was.

He kept repeating, “Can you shoot?” Right in the middle of his next “Can you—”, I DID!!! He went down right where he was standing. I could hardly get up, my legs and rear were so numb, Clint jumped right up and said “You got him”. I was so happy, bird #2 down!! He is a beautiful bird!

Heather's 2nd bird of her Grand Slam--a beautiful Eastern from her home state.

Heather’s 2nd bird of her Grand Slam–a beautiful Eastern from her home state.

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