Angie: Hunting–You Lose Some, You Win Some

ImageI have been wanting to get a turkey with my bow so bad I can just taste it! With time running out I paired up with my dear friend Bob Elliott, at North Texas Wildlife, to attempt to get this done. Luckily I live close to his hunting area and was able to go out one day after work. We went out, he dropped me off at the blind, and went to park the truck. After only a few minutes of being in the blind I hear a GOBBLE, then see through the trees a large tom heading my way. I hit my box call lightly doing a few chirps, and he responds. The next thing I know, he starts running right towards me! Of course I had just got in the blind and had not had all of the windows open yet, and so of course I ‘m trying to scramble without him seeing me to get that back window down where I could shoot. Well before I knew it he was there and gone and I could do nothing but pick my bow up. UGH! I was feeling a little frustrated at this, because I wanted this harvest something bad! About two minutes later, here comes Bob, I then realized why the Tom was running so fast-he had been spooked. We can hear three different gobblers near by including this one in particular-he didn’t venture far & continued to talk back and forth with us. A few minutes later, HERE HE CAME! Right to us, about twenty five yards out. I was ready! Upon pulling my bow back I accidentally hit the release, firing my arrow just past the tom. I can’t believe what just happened! The tom just stood there! So I knocked another arrow, pulled back, aimed, and MISSED! Oh wow. This is NOT MY DAY! The Tom jogged off-not too spooked. We immediately started calling to him. He just couldn’t stand our sweet calls and finally came back in! So again, I draw my bow back to full draw, aim true, and thwack! Hit my mark, or so I thought…Evidently he jumped about the time my arrow hit him and it hit a bit low, so he took off running. We waited a few minutes and then went to look for my prize. With our dismay, the Tom flushed and jumped the fence, going in to some of the thickest country in the state of Texas. We looked, and looked, and listened, and looked some more. Heartbroken and FRUSTRATED at what had happened, it was dark and my turkey was no where to be found. We were confident that we had exhausted ALL efforts and could no longer see to continue our search. I was blessed with the opportunity to take the shot, but unfortunately, sometimes things happen out there and we are unable to complete the task at hand. I felt horrible but the circle of life was completed for that Tom and he made some bobcat or coyote a good meal. I will not give up and will try again to get one with my bow-I shoot every single day and can not figure out what happened for the life of me! All I know is that everyone does miss sooner of later and we are so blessed to be able to have the opportunities that we do.

Image Bob, seeing how disappointed I was asks, how about we go find you a hog? Will that make you feel better? ABSOLUTELY! I said!!! Stay tuned for an action packed play by play of the hog hunt that followed this rough day in the Texas woods!

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