Billinda: Rocking Triple T Hunting Adventures

Ladies in Camo rocked Triple T Hunting Adventures in Nebraska! Cyndi Penn and Heather Linniger scored Merriam turkeys. Let me just say those Toms were amazingly beautiful. What a treasure to harvest. I’m sure those memories will not leave their thoughts for quite some time.


The lucky ladies from left to Right: Billinda Neyman, Montana, Cyndi Penn, Missouri and Heather Lininger, Missouri.

I heard gobbles, saw hens, Jakes and Toms and listened to several hen parties during my hunting with Triple T. On my first morning hunt I watched 3 Toms strut so long that there should’ve been a major rut in the ground where they were pacing. Unfortunately, they were about 80 yards away and weren’t interested in leaving those cutie pie hens.

My second morning hunt was exciting because I had 3 hens fly down right beside my blind–but NO TOMS! I’m thinking the torrential rain we had the night before may have messed with the Toms and their agenda.

On my last hunt I watched 3 Jakes chase 1 hen for quite a while before the group of birds finally decided to leave. I sat and hoped, waited, wondered and finally had a feeling “something” was in the area. There was!! A Tom appeared out of thin air!! I believe he was heading to roost and was not going to hang around too long. I think there were only about 45 seconds in time lapse between when I spotted him and when I shot. I made a 33 yard shot and harvested my first Merriams!! What a feeling! I wanted to shout hallelujah as loud as I could and call everyone I know! I did call a few, by the way but Nancy Jo failed to answer her phone.

I spent time at a great outfitter with awesome hunting friends, had great guides and good food. The land we hunted was simply breathtaking. Multiple hills filled with turkeys, mule deer, whitetail deer, numerous species of birds, a soothing breeze and lots of free thinking time while in a blind. Who could ask for more?

I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing my friends with their birds and sharing in that excitement with them. I gladly snapped pictures of them with their Merriams. Nothing better than the smiles they had and the stories of their hunt.

We are blessed to spend time outdoors hunting. I’m hoping to see and make more hunting friends down the road… Put a little gravel in your travel and I’ll see you at hunting camp soon! Blessings y’all!

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