Nancy Jo: A FANTASTIC weekend for Ladies in Camo as they travel to Alabama and Nebraska

What an amazing weekend for Ladies in Camo. LIC had hunts scheduled in two states; A couples hog hunt with Rack Nine Outdoors in Alabama and a Merriams turkey hunt with Triple T Hunting Adventures in Nebraska.

While the couples hog hunt at Rack Nine Outdoors did not produce any hogs; we did have a hunter take her first harvest. Jennifer Thomas of Birmingham, Alabama made the perfect shot on a nice fat beaver with a beautiful coat. She laughed when she told the group that it was going to make a nice conversation piece on the coffee table.


A few hogs were heard but none seen. Since this is so rare, I am beginning to think that the moon phase may have had a lot to do with the quality of hunting. It sure was big and bright.

We even had a little entertainment while at the hunt as Jennifer broke out her violin and played a few songs from various genres. She is amazing. Check out this little clip I took of Jennifer playing Patsy Cline’s Faded Love.

The group that hunted in Alabama this weekend were from Alabama and Illinois: David and Jeanne Peebles (AL), John and Jennifer Thomas (AL), Gus and Samantha De Los Monteros (IL) and James Thomas (AL). As usual, we shared hunting stories, good food, and many laughs.


The ladies at the Merriams turkey hunt with Triple T Hunting Adventures in Nebraska were having an amazing hunt; harvesting 4 mature long beard Merriams. Cyndi Penn from Missouri, LIC Staff Heather Lininger from Missouri and LIC Staff Billinda Neyman from Montana could not have asked for a more successful hunt.


Cyndi got her bird on Saturday morning followed by Heather harvesting her bird on Saturday afternoon. Billinda harvested her tom on Sunday afternoon just before Heather harvested her second long beard. I am so proud of these ladies…it is my understanding that they each called in their own birds–I can’t wait to read their stories on the website. Ladies in Camo staff Heather Lininger is trying to achieve her Grand Slam and has achieved all but one bird on LIC hunts. Good luck to her next week on the Rio Grande hunt at the Ladies in Camo Couples Rio Grande turkey hunt with Hickory Creek Outfitters.

Cyndi Penn from Missouri with her Merriams turkey harvest

Heather Lininger (LIC Staff) from Missouri with her Merriams turkey harvest

Billinda Neyman (LIC Staff) from Montana with her Merriams turkey harvest

Heather Lininger with her second Merriams turkey harvest.

I feel truly blessed that these outfitters were gracious enough to work with me on coordinating these affordable hunts. It is an amazing feeling to share in the success of other women hunter’s harvest; regardless if it is their first or not. Stay tuned for stories from these ladies and be sure to check the website calendar for some amazing hunts this fall at some ridiculously low prices with some outstanding outfitters.

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