Michelle B: My World


I sit silently as the wind kisses my face.   The sparrows dance in the sky above to the song of the red-winged blackbird.  I breathe.  The fresh spring air fills my lungs with new life, and hope.

I run my fingers through the soft green grass, as the dragonflies flirt with the brim of my cap and the bumble bee buzzes by.









This is my world .  

Although I was not able to get out hunting or fishing this weekend, a quiet walk along a nearby brook was enough to feed my soul.

What fuels your spirit when you are unable to get away?  

One thought on “Michelle B: My World

  1. Love this!! I had one of those days yesterday….I hunted turkey but also had the time to just take it all in….thankful for my health and the opportunity to just “BE”.

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