Angie: The .45 Tom

ImageAfter a long weekend of travel for a great fundraiser, hours aways from home, and my car window being bashed in by thieves, I was needing my “therapy time” in the woods! I worked hard and had a long day at work, then I rushed out to my hunting grounds, and upon pulling up to where I park there were the three big toms I had been longing to harvest! “Of course”, I thought, “just my luck to see them and scare them away right off the bat!”. I watched as they ran as fast as they could in to the next pasture. Knowing that I only had two hours of daylight left I quickly grabbed my gear and high tailed it to one of my stands. I set up my Little Runt Decoy about ten yards in front of my stand as I have been longing to harvest a turkey with my bow. I begin to call with no response from the toms. I know they can’t be too far away, this is their home area. Now the wind has picked up making my calls more difficult to be heard by the toms. One more thing going against my chances of being able to harvest that nice bird! I do not give up easy and continued to call, finally getting a response from those big boys, my heart skipped a beat! I hit the box call again, and again, their muffled replies were a little bit louder-they were coming in to my calls! This is one of the greatest things about turkey hunting is the “conversation” you can have with them! I learned that calling too much can be a bad thing, it’s not natural so I refrained from striking my box call for about fifteen minutes. I could stand it no longer and upon hitting that call I hear a very loud GOBBLE response RIGHT BEHIND ME! My heart stopped, and I froze as I am sitting in a home made “brush blind” on the ground with limited cover on the side they were approaching. I managed to very slowly turn my head and could see two of the toms out of the corner of my eye about thirty yards away. One of them was in full strut, the other was not, he was looking right at me. I guess he had seen me when I struck my call and was alerted to the small movement of my hand. I was busted by the all so smart and wary tom! As I watched them run away for the second time I was frustrated, but had decided that I was not going home empty handed again!

ImageI tried calling them back and was not successful. It was getting late and I knew they would be heading to roost soon. I kept my eye on the wheat field behind me where I knew they would have to cross to go to their roost. After a few minutes I saw the toms heading across the corner of the field just as I had suspected. So, almost without thinking, I jumped up and started running towards the toms. Leaving my bow behind I just had my .45 on my side. I ran across a creek bed keeping my eye on the toms through the trees. One of them went over the fence to the next property. I was begging the other tom to stay on my side of the fence! So, upon getting closer I slowed my movements and then hit the ground as I came out of the trees and up the hill to the fence. They had no idea I was there, I had my HECS (Human Energy Concealment Systems) suit on and I believe this really helped me go undetected as it blocks the electricity your body sends out. I crawl up to the fence and saw the other tom come BACK on to my property and pair up with his buddy! My heart is racing and I draw my .45 (Daisy is what I named it!).

Image The toms are about 40 yards out but suddenly they start moving RIGHT TOWARDS ME! I can’t believe it! I waited until they were closer and I was confident that I had an ethical shot at one of them. I took aim at the more mature tom and my aim hit true making a clean, ethical shot I had just harvested my first turkey with a handgun! I thought I was dreaming and know how truly blessed I am to have experienced all of this. Don’t ever give up, hunting is not always about going right out and getting something right away. Hang tough and you too can get what you went out there for. My tom weighed 23 pounds, had a 9 3/4″ beard and one inch spurs. I am one VERY BLESSED AND HAPPY LADY IN CAMO!! Image

9 thoughts on “Angie: The .45 Tom

  1. What an AWESOME story….I could feel your excitment as I read your story..way to go girl…what an accomplishment…You rock….
    Teresa McCullough

    • Thanks Teresa!! It was so very exciting! I feel so blessed with any harvest! This one was a little different than the “norm” of turkey hunting! I still can’t believe it!

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