Diane: Osceola Turkey

The turkeys in Florida are like a lot of the country’s birds, ahead of schedule.  The birds are just not acting and reacting like normal.  We had a couple of gobblers answering us yesterday, but none really interested.  Today, the weather was a lot cooler, but we had dense smoke from a controlled fire covering our whole hunting area.  The smoke made it difficult to breath, and everyone left with stinging runny eyes,  and a rawness in our throats.  Those poor animals have no relief  from it.

Dale had a gobbler hang up at 200 yards.  Maybe tomorrow for him.

I managed to get a shot on a young bird, this was my first Osceola Turkey!  He came into my line of sight, making a beeline for the decoy.

Diane's first Osceola Turkey

Tomorrow I will be sitting in a stand that has had some hog activity recently.  Hopefully the smoke clears and the air is once again clean.  Make sure everyday you “love the life you live”!

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