Well, it’s finally here!! Opening Day Spring Turkey Season in North Texas! Unable to hunt this morning due to the demands of the real working world, I cannot get my gear on quick enough to get out there! This will be my first attempt to harvest a LONG BEARD with my bow! I have my sights on a very large mature TOM as he as been taunting me by STRUTTING his stuff right in front of my game cameras for days now! He has my name on him and hope he is prepared to strut his last strut! Hope everyone is having a wonderful spring day-get outside and enjoy what it has to offer!! I will let you all know how I do!! Keep Rockin’!!

2 thoughts on “Angie: IT’S TURKEY TIME!!!!

  1. Well I was blessed with the joys of being in the outdoors this afternoon, but did not get a to sling an arrow. I just could not get that clear shot opportunity! I did get to shot some great pictures of some BEAUTIFUL BIRDS!! Part of hunting is being out there, but not ALWAYS getting a shot, learning the movements of the animal you are seeking, and being so blessed because we are free to do these things. Tomorrow is another day and hopfully a harvest!

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