Jaelyn Wynn ~ Youth Hog Hunt ~ Featured Huntress September 2015

My Daughter, Jaelyn Wynn is 10 yrs old and loves to go hog hunting. We live in Americus, GA. These are some pics from a couple of our hunts together. She is not scared to get in and get dirty. She will run right along with the men to get to our dogs when they have a hog bayed. She isn’t scared of anything and it shows. I am one proud Momma.

Jaelyn with her hog! Photo: Kristi Shepard

Jaelyn with her hog!
Photo: Kristi Shepard

A Farmer called us to come catch the hogs that were messing up their corn fields in Terrell Co GA. We cast our bay dogs out, they found a group of hogs on a canal in the center of the corn field. They barked, we ran there with our catch dog bulldogs, let them go and they caught 2 at one time. This picture was the biggest of the 2. Jaelyn loves to hunt, she isn’t scared of anything. She helped get the dogs led back up and we were on to the next bay.

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