Jennifer Metzker- Thanksgiving Deer Hunt with Angie -Featured Huntress February 2015

I was speaking with my girlfriend, Angie on the phone one day. She wasn’t having much luck hunting in South Carolina and was getting a little discouraged. I told her she needed to come to Georgia and hunt with us over the Thanksgiving holiday. I said, “I can’t guarantee you will get a deer, but we will have a great time hunting together.” She agreed to come down, purchased her license and planned her days off. I was excited to have her come down and hunt with us; after all, it had been a long time since we had hunted together.
When she arrived, we discussed what she could shoot. I told her to shoot whatever she wanted; I was going to “hold out” for another good buck, as we had plenty of meat already. Angie is a lot like us and depends on the deer she harvests for her meat through out the year. She stated that she would like to wait on a good buck also, but may be inclined to take anything for the meat. After hunting a couple of our “good stands” and not seeing anything, I decided to take the trip down to our property in Jenkins County, Georgia about 30 minutes from camp. None of the guys wanted to come along, so it was just us girls on our way.
As we drove down the road, I got this really good feeling and then it happened…….. A shooting star! And then another! “Oh man, this is gonna be good, “I thought to myself. Legend has it, in our camp anyway, if you see a shooting star in the morning, your going to shoot a deer! The excitement was building as I drove on. We spotted a few does and a buck on the way to the property. We got to the property, I walked her to the stand and gave her the “low down” on the stand placement and the travel patterns of the deer. I walked back to a ladder stand about 200 yards from where Angie was sitting. I got comfortable, clammed myself and listened to the wood ducks, the hen turkeys and the crows wake up. To me, that is the most beautiful time of the day. As the dawn started breaking, I looked to my right and spotted a doe on the fire break 100 yards out. And then another crossed, not stopping to graze like the first one.
As it got later in the morning, I text Angie and asked how she was doing. “Great, I’ve got 3 does to my left right now”, she replied. I asked her if she could hang until 11 am and her reply was “Oh yeah, and I have just seen 2 more!” I replied “Cool, glad to hear it”. I was so happy that she was seeing deer; I looked up to the bright blue sky and mouthed “Thank You”. Breaking my peaceful moment, a shot rang out in Angie’s direction. That unmistakable “thud” when the bullet meets its target. I gave her a few minutes and text her,

Angie's Buck Photo: Jennifer Metzker

Angie with her first buck! Photo: Jennifer Metzker

“Well?” She replied “5 deer on the move, picked one and an open hole. What did the shot sound like?” “Shot sounded good, let’s give it some time, Buck?” I excitedly replied. “Small horns” she text back. I was so happy for her, I couldn’t stand myself! Again looking up, I gave another “Thank you”. If you have ever taken someone hunting, then you know the pressure I was feeling. It is a lot of fun hunting together, but you really want that person to harvest a deer. That pressure was lifted with the shot of Angie’s 7mm WSM!
We waited about a half hour and I told Angie that I was heading her way. Easing thru the woods, looking for a dead deer I made it to Angie, who was waiting for me at outside the stand. We collected her things and moved to where she had taken the shot. Immediately, I found lung and hair on a pine tree. “That’s a dead dear Angie!”, “That’s lung!” I exclaimed. We tracked the deer around 50 yards to the fire break, following a small blood trail the whole way. “That’s not a lot of blood”, Angie said and I could hear the doubt in her voice. “It’s enough, we will find him” I replied. The further we went, the more we found bigger blood spots and splatter. Looking up, I caught something move thru the thick pines in front of us. “Stop, lets just sit here for a minute”, I said. I pulled my rifle up and scoped the area ahead. We sat there for what seemed like an hour, which was only 5 minutes in reality. Catching movement again, I pulled my scope to my eye and found my target. It was a fox squirrel, jumping from tree to tree! “Dam squirrels!” I snickered. I got up and continued to follow the blood trail another 20 yards when I spotted the big white belly through a patch of weeds. “There’s your deer Angie!” I calmly spoke. But inside I wanted to yell it out! We high fived each other, laughed and celebrated the harvest. After taking a picture and checking over the double lung shot, I said “Let’s get this deer out of here”. Angie and I started dragging her buck through the thick pines and out to the fire break. We left the 4 point on the fire break with our gear and headed to get the truck. We got the truck and drove up to the deer. Angie grabbed 2 legs, I grabbed the other 2 legs and we swung the deer up in the bed of the truck! “What team work”, I jokingly said.
On the way back, I told Angie how happy I was and congratulated her on her first Georgia deer! I told her about the shooting stars and the good feeling I had as we traveled to Jenkins County. When it feels that right, you know something good is gonna happen. We made it back to camp, and the guys congregated around the bed of the truck, congratulating Angie on her buck. We joked around stating how, “The girls had to bring home the meat, you guys can clean it”! Laughingly, the guys took over and cleaned the deer and dumped the guts for us. The deer Angie harvested wasn’t a big deer, by her standards, but it is food on her table and a great hunting memory that both of us will enjoy talking about for years to come. I look forward to hunting with Angie more in the future. She has been a good friend and hunting buddy!

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