Amy Rape-First Deer-Featured Huntress January 2015

Amy's first deer was taken in Pennsylvania. Photo: Amy Rape

Amy’s first deer was taken in Pennsylvania.
Photo: Amy Rape

For about ten years now, I have been hunting with and watching my younger brothers harvest deer and spent time putting on drives with friends. While that was all fun and time spent in the woods, I decided this was the year I was going to dedicate to MY first deer harvest.
I had always just hunted during rifle season but this year was different. I ventured out of my comfort zone and bought a Matthews Mission Compound Bow. So starting in August my boyfriend, Scott and I set up our trail cameras and checked on them frequently. After seeing some of the deer we had on camera, I started to get excited and anxious for archery season to start. Every day after work and on our days off we both were out in the woods just waiting on the perfect shot. Archery season however came and went and we both had seen many deer but none that were in range.
So patiently but anxiously, I awaited the start of rifle season. On the first day, Scott was presented with the perfect shot on a buck at 30 yards away and brought in the first harvest of the year. I was excited for him but getting discouraged at the same time.
Again every day after that, after work and on our days off we were in the woods. After work, on December 12th, we both headed into our spot in the woods. On our way in, Scott stopped dead in his tracks and whispered to me behind him, “There is doe standing broad side at 125 yards, staring straight at me.” I whispered back to him explaining that I could not see her from where I was. He replied back telling me, “Bring your gun up and walk slowly to my left side.” I followed his instructions and to my surprise when I peered around his left side, there she was, still standing exactly as he had described. With my grandpa’s 30-06 pressed against my shoulder, I put her in the crosshairs and said “I am never going to hit her.” I took a deep breath, pulled the trigger, and watched her arch her back and run 25 yards and drop.
With tears in my eyes and smile on my face, I looked at Scott and said, “I just harvested my first deer.” He hugged me and looked me in the eyes and said, “You pap is the proudest man in heaven right now and I am the proudest man on earth.” With that we walked over to her and there she laid with the perfect lung shot I had placed on her.

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