Melissa Watson-My First Turkey-Featured Huntress May 2014

Melissa's first turkey! Photo: Melissa Watson

Melissa’s first turkey!
Photo: Melissa Watson

Second day of turkey hunting and so we’re up way before daylight heading to the woods.  My boyfriend & I get to the woods & just decide to sit in the car & “listen” before getting out so I took advantage of this & decided to nap. Right at daybreak he hears a gobbler so he nudges me to wake up saying “there he is”.  So I do & we hurry to where the turkey is, set up the decoys & begin calling.  Evidently he wasn’t interested and decided to go in the other direction so here we go chasing him.  Keep in mind this is the first time I’ve turkey hunted & I thought we would just go somewhere sit and use the call & wait for a turkey to come to us….  But NOOOO we took off running after him!  I’m doing my best to keep up but it’s way to early for me to be running through the woods so I’m struggling.  We finally get to where this energetic bird is & luckily there are 2 chairs up against a tree for us to sit in.  So again the decoys were placed & we sat waiting.  I got my gun in position so that I didn’t have to move at all if the turkey came

Melissa's first gobbler! Photo: Melissa Watson

Melissa’s first gobbler!
Photo: Melissa Watson

to the decoys (and also so I could maybe catch another little nap).  My boyfriend called once, waited a little bit then got a different call & used it.  Now we wait….. luckily these chairs had arm rest so I could lean over & “rest” while we waited.  It was awfully quiet to me & I was sure the turkey had just taken off again so I ended up falling asleep.  I’m not sure how long I was asleep, probably not but 5-10 minutes when my boyfriend quietly says “don’t move, there he is!”  Well I thought he was just messing with me because he knew I had fallen asleep but I stayed very still.  I soon realized he wasn’t kidding with me when I could hear his breathing change, his adrenaline was pumping but I still couldn’t see the bird.  Finally he came into my sight & wow was he huge!  I had never seen a turkey all blew up like he was, it was really cool to watch how he carefully walked through the woods to get to the decoys.  I sat patiently waiting for the right moment to take the shot but he never stuck his head out for me to get a shot of his neck so my boyfriend said go ahead & shoot him. So I did :)   He weighed 20lbs, 10″ beard & 1″ spurs    Woo Hoo!!!

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