Kelsee Jordan-First Deer Featured Huntress September 2013

My boyfriend bought me a bow for my birthday last year, and I quickly became obsessed with it! We started doing 3D shoots and I couldn’t wait for hunting season this year! I left work and changed into my camo and snuck into the woods at 5:00.  I was planning to hunt in my boyfriends father’s stand, but his brother decided to use that stand. So I had to move on to an old wooden stand. As I crept up into the stand I looked around and realized there were no trails passing through the woods under the stand and I got slightly discouraged. I sat in the stand analyzing my shooting lanes when to my amazement after a half hour a small doe starts making its way towards me! My heart was beating so hard I was scared the deer would hear it! I slowly scooted forward in the stand and drew my bow. She ducked a little when the arrow released so I hit her a little high but she took off running and hit the dirt about 40 yards away.  Because I hit her higher than planned I wanted to wait a while before I went to find her. I stayed in the stand for an hour and a half waiting then went inside to warm up and let Dave hunt longer. When I left my stand the deer must have gotten spooked because when we came back in the dark my arrow was there but the doe wasn’t. So we tracked about another 30 yards through the brush and there she was!! I gutted her myself! It was such an amazing feeling, and I won’t lie; I cried a little bit. But I can’t wait to get into the woods again!

Kelsee Jordan

Photo Credit: Kelsee Jordan


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