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Soooo here’s how it went down this morning. 

We got to the blind a teensy bit late so we were pushin’ it and about five minutes after we got in a gobbler sounded off in the bottom in front of us. Immediately I giggled and smacked D. Then he dug for what seemed like 30 minutes for his calls and first hit the slate. The bird went to gobbling and every time D called he gobbled but sounded like he wasn’t getting any closer. After a few more calls D started with a mouth call and the bird gobbled. Call, gobble, call gobble. Closer! My heart was racing and thumping in my chest. Darron said “I see something to your left get your gun facing that way.” We both looked and saw a dang coyote headed across the clear cut. Me: “can I shoot him?” D: “wait til he gets closer” About then the coyote saw the decoy and turned my direction. He was about 30 yards and D says “shoot that coyote” BOOM!!! I rolled him!!  Then busted out laughing!  Immediately  D calls:  Gobble, call, Gobble. He’s so close now. Uhhh….There he is! I eased my gun in line with him and the decoys. He fanned out and strutted. Gobble, gobble strut! Five minutes he did that. He craned his neck looked at the decoys but one of the decoys had blown over in the strong wind. I don’t know if that’s what he didn’t like or what but he gobble a time or two then Put….Put……he turned at 80 yards and disappeared back down into the bottom. 
I know, I KNOW!!!!! Tragic! But still an absolute blast!   
Saturday 4/13/2013
I got to the woods before daybreak and sat in a pile of deer droppings and it didn’t particularly bother me. As I walked along the rd and in the woods I observed and identified tracks or droppings from deer, hogs, a raccoon, rabbits, turkeys, a bobcat etc. I stopped to pee twice and didn’t think anything about it. My sinuses were draining so I wiped my nose on my sleeve and eventually with great relief hocked up a big luge and spit it out. Right before I landed at the bottom of the last pine tree to wait for a turkey I had this thought: “I am a dude”.
Monday May 6th
Well with the exception of about an hour I was in the woods after a turkey from 6am until 8pm! I heard one gobble early but he never came to me then heard another one around 3 but couldn’t ever locate him. Finally had a jake come out at 5:30 but didn’t shoot him. Now I wish I had but I put a lot of time and effort into it and maybe I’ll get one the weekend. Y’all cross fingers and wish me luck :•}
Friday May 10th, 2013
Sooo here’s how it went down y’all!  I went this morning and heard a gobble way off and then a hen later. We walked a lot of the woods on our lease calling and trying to hear one but finally gave up at noon and decided to go back this after noon
I headed to the blind at 4 o’clock and sat without calling for an hour. I eventually got a little glass call and started just a little cluck every once in awhile because that’s what I heard him do Monday evening when I saw him. Then I would purr a little but not much because I’m such a beginner and I didn’t want to screw up. At about 5:30 I heard what sounded like a cluck behind me so I called another time. I could hear him walking but I’m short so I didn’t even see him when he came out. I just heard him cluck. I sat up on my cushion and there was a hen ten yards from me right in front of the blind and the jake was 15 yards to my extreme right. I eased my gun up and it caught on my leafy jacket sleeve so I fought with it a second and he turned and acted nervous like he was going to go back in the woods. He was at 20 yards when I shot and ROLLED HIM! Lol!!! It was awesome! Hahaha! That browning 12ga with the 3&1/2 in shell threw me against the back of the box but it was too cool! I’m so gettin’ some perfume that smells like gun powder!
Krissy Moncus
Photo:  Krissy Moncus

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