Shannon Best-Feeding my family with a bow-Featured Huntress April 2013

shannon best buffalo
I had just upgraded to my Mathews Black Max bow when the opportunity to go buffalo hunting arose.  We went on guided  family hunting trip when I was just 25 years old.  My parents, husband and a friend went out on the hunt. I got my own guide while the others teamed up.  As you know buffalo travel in herds and even though they are huge, they are not as easy to find as one would think.  After a long morning of tracking and stalking a small herd came in our sights.  We traveled down over the ridge and up the next at about 200 yards my heart was pumping I just knew we were going to succeed, today was my day.  We crept as low as we could going very slowly we watched them feed. Moving in a bit at a time. Until we finally got within range, I steadied myself and drew my bow!  As I released my arrow my heart was pumping out of my chest.  The shot was a pass throw.  The ground rumbled as they took off.  I was excited and frustrated at the same time.  Worried that we would have a long track the guide had us quickly move down the ridge where he hoped the herd would follow a well used trail.  Here I set up and placed another kill shot.  My guide was very excited to get two well placed shots. He sat with me as we waited about a half hour before we started tracking.  At this point evening was approaching.  Not long after we started tracking we were done!  The shot placements did the trick about 100 yards from my second shot laid my trophy,  of course at the bottom at of a deep ravine.  This is when the work began. With two machines and a lot of rope we brought my buffalo up. This one kill fed me and my family for nearly a year.
This being an awesome trophy I wanted it mounted.  My Dad said why don’t you do it then he handed me a knife and showed how to flesh out the cape.  A lot of work goes into just this one step.  My Mom does the tanning, so I helped her do this.  Once the tanning was done we spent over a week combing out the hair.  Then my Dad and husband fitted it to the mount and I painted the eyes and nose.  Now I have this magnificent trophy on my wall to serve as a 3-D Photo the remind me not only of a fantastic hunt but also that I am very blessed to have a family that helps me through everything.

Shannon Best-Dorado/Mahi Mahi/Dolphin Fish

My family had traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to fish on the Happy Boy, a Sportfisher co-owned by my Dad and his best friend.  Everyone was catching lots of fish; marlin, sailfish, wahoo and dorado.  Dorado are the same fish that are called Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish depending on where you catch them.

I flipped my baitfish out, and saw a big shadow come straight for it.  The line started to strip off and I set the hook.  There is nothing quite like the sound of a reel whining from the strain of a great fish!  Almost immediately the fish started acrobatics, jumping and twisting to throw the hook.  My rod was bent almost in half as I fought this green and blue giant!  After an extreme battle, I was able to bring the dorado alongside the boat, and we were able to land him.

This dorado was the biggest one I had ever landed!  I am 5’5″ tall, and this fish was only 5 inches shorter than me.  This fish fed my family for quite a few wonderful meals.

shannons dorado

Photo Credit:  Shannon Best

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