Bowhunting Strategies -Nikita Dalke


  How I got Started  Like many people, I started hunting with a rifle. My husband introduced me to archery in 2005, and I was very interested in trying it; however, I didn’t get into it right away. Getting the … Continue reading

Fitting the Female Hunter-Nikita Dalke


From Over Looked to Women Specific Until recently the female hunter has had to make due with gear made for men or youth. These past few years women have been flooding the industry and are making it known that “Women … Continue reading

Introducing Kids to Hunting – Nikita Dalke

A successful bow hunt!
Photo: Nikita Dalke

The future of hunting lies in the hands of our children. Hunting is important for the conservation and management of wildlife, without a future generation of hunters, the sport and wildlife will eventually disappear. Here’s how to introduce kids to … Continue reading