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Be Prepared for Your Trip of a Lifetime! ~Diane Hassinger

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All of my life I have been allergic to bee stings, five years ago that intensified to the point that I now carry 2 epi-pens with me at all times.  This is especially important when I am hunting and fishing, … Continue reading

Hog Hunting Basics – Diane Hassinger

Shot placement on a wild boar.
Shot Placement Image; http://www.texashuntfish.com/app/view/Post/10379/Shot-placement-on-hogs

Feral pigs are known by many different names; wild hogs, wild boars, Russian boars or even razor backs. They are hooved animals that range in size from 75 pounds to a high of around 440 pounds for a large boar. … Continue reading

Booking with an Outfitter – Diane Hassinger

Start packing for a trip of a lifetime, but do your homework first!
Photo: Diane Hassinger

I recently booked a hunting trip to South Africa, that prompted several of our hunting friends to express desire to travel to hunt, but they do not know where to start. Here is a list of things I do when … Continue reading