Leann Blasko

     I have been married for almost 5 years and have three children; Caleb, Ellie and Madison. Growing up in western Pennsylvania I have always loved the outdoors and being active. I am a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo and taught for 12 years. When I wasn’t doing Taekwondo I was riding horses, fishing or shooting.

My favorite vacation is any vacation spent on the water. With both my parents having a passion for hunting and fishing I was blessed with the opportunity to fish all over, including Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and throughout the continental United States. Every year in October as a family we go camping and salmon fishing in New York.

     My husband and I both love shooting, whether shooting our Mathew’s bows, pistols, skeet, or target practice with our rifles it is something we can do as a couple. He is an avid hunter and fits right in with the rest of my family, making it easy to fill the freezer each year.

     With three children and a freezer full of game meat I have spent a lot of time cooking from scratch. You can look for tips and recipes that I have found that work to get my toddlers to eat a wide variety of foods. We can, freeze, dehydrate, and preserve fruits and vegetables all summer long to go with our game meat. Hop on over to Preserving Your Harvest and find some ideas for dinner tonight.