Kim Hessing

     My name is Kim Hessing.  I’m a midwest native, born and raised in west-central Illinois, with a passion for pursuing trophy whitetails.  When not hunting or practicing land stewardship, on our family farm, I work full-time as a juvenile detention officer. 


     I was born into a family who loved the outdoors.  Fishing and hunting were just two of our many, family pursuits.  My grandfather, mother and father all played a vital role influencing my love of the outdoors.  My father first introduced me to hunting at the age of 10, venturing out on a duck hunt along the Mississippi River. From there, I would go on to tag along in my father’s footsteps, until the day he bought me my first gun. At that point, my hunting passion flourished.  Over the years we still hunted together but, more and more I was venturing out on my own. Now, 26 years later, the flame burns brighter than ever. Today, much of my time out in the timber also includes photography and videography. 


     Wanting to expand my horizons in 2012, my search for a women-based hunt, lead me to Ladies In Camo. I had finally found other women who matched the same level of hunting passion as I.  The camaraderie and fellowship instantly drew me in. Having been given the opportunity, I’m very honored to be joining the L.I.C. team, pushing forward as advocates for women hunters.


“The farther one gets into the wilderness, the greater is the attraction of its lonely freedom.         

                                                                                                  -Theodore Roosevelt