Judy Lynn Black

I blame my father for my passion but I thank him daily for my obsession with hunting and fishing.  He and my mom raised four kids fishing and walking the woods.

A 12x12 half log cabin housed six of us, situated on 80 acres of woods and swamp land.  We were raised picking blue berries, huckleberries and mushrooms on that property.  We spent countless hours sitting with dad in his deer blind with only a small wood burning stove to warm us.  When I was old enough to hunt on my own, I took all that dad had taught me and sat in the woods alone.  Once I had children of my own, I introduced them to the outdoors as well.

I married my best friend and fortunately he loves to hunt as much as I do.  In 2003 he bought me my first bow for Christmas and then the day after Christmas bought himself one.  Our first archery hunt was to Alberta to hunt black bears where both of us had a successful hunt.

Several years ago on a horseback outing I lost a dear friend to a bee sting.  Someone so full of life and it was snatched away by a single bee.  But Debbie’s death was an eye opener for many on that ride.  It brought to light the fact that life is short and there is no promise of tomorrow.  If you want to do something, do it today and don’t wait until you “have the money, the time, or retire”. 

This past spring I traveled to the Arctic to hunt muskox.  I came back with a great respect for the folks that live up there and a pretty amazing survival story.  I have hunted and fished some of the most beautiful places on earth and feel so blessed to have been able to do so. 

Whether it is whitetail hunting at home in Michigan, black bears in Saskatchewan, hogs in Texas, alligators in Florida, moose in New Foundland, or squirrel hunting in the huge sunflower fields behind our house,  every hunt holds a story.  I keep a journal of every hunt and then when I return home I write the story.  I have been fortunate enough to have some of my stories published in magazines and Ladies In Camo has posted every story I have ever written.

Looking ahead in life, next summer we travel to Africa and in the fall I have a bison hunt in BC booked, a horseback archery hunt in the mountains of BC, I could not be more excited.  Someday I hope to write a book, it will never be a best seller but it will be exciting to read.


Member of Safari Club International

Pope & Young Club