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Hi, my name is JoAnn Herbert. I’m a wife, blogger, 3D archer and hunter. I’m the mother of four; Neil, Kyle, Zachary and Savannah. I also have one grandchild, Julian, who I know for a fact is the most wonderful little boy in the whole world. I love everything outdoors but never did I expect to fall in love with hunting. No one in my family ever hunted.In fact growing up, my father owned a stock car so it was off to the dirt track every weekend. Hunting? What was that? It wasn’t until I met my husband, John, that the hunting world opened up to me. Hunting was important to John so he wanted me to understand more about it .Early one morning, we drove to a farm in Western Maryland and sat in a thicket. I was cold, wet and to top it all off dressed in John’s overalls’. I really didn’t comprehend what the big deal was. But then I saw deer walking through the fog. There really is nothing quite like it. Silent and peaceful, they chewed on the wet clover as they made their way over to the apple trees. It really left an impression on me. But those quiet times were hard to come by. With the demands of work and motherhood, the opportunities to hunt never seemed to come about. As the children grew older, I had more time on my hands. I started to visit John’s hunting spots with him; to hang stands, check cameras or just to sit in the woods and see what came by. I became more involved with 3D archery and soon learned about that love/hate relationship with placing arrows in the rings. Little by little I started to realize that hunting wasn’t just a man’s hobby-I could do this. The sight of the sun hitting tall grass in the morning or the peace you can find in the woods is not something you can describe-you have to live it. And while the hunt might not always turn out, the experience of the peace and tranquility found in the woods always happens.  


Throughout the years, I had gone hunting several times, but the first time that I was actually hunting occured during spring turkey season. I remember being so nervous and determined to put a good shot on the turkey. I must have run a dozen scenarios through my mind in anticipation. When the Tom came in everything happened so fast! My heart was beating so rapidly and loud! Was I really doing this? I slowly squeezed the trigger and put a great shot on the turkey. With my body shaking and teeth chattering, I turned to my husband and said, “I want to do this again!”


Well, after that I was definitely hooked.In the past two years we have expanded and have been filming our hunts. It’s great to get the whole family together and have everyone sit down to enjoy the hunting experience with us. Not only has hunting allowed me to spend more time with my family but has helped me build friendships with people all over this great country. In fact, hunting has brought me to the Ladies In Camo. I am very excited to be sharing and making hunting memories with this great group of people. I’ve hunted deer, turkey and boar. I hope to go on a pronghorn hunt, elk or a gator hunt. Anyplace, outdoors, where I can spend time with friends and family.


I currently live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with my husband John, our daughter Savannah, our three dachshunds, Copper, Nickel and Tipper along with our chihuahua, Chimmy. Oh and our flock of chickens who never cease to amuse me.


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