Jennifer Metzker
I was born in St. Petersburg, FL. My father introduced me to hunting, fishing and guns at an early age. I remember going to my uncle’s property in middle Florida to hunt deer, turkey, dove, quail, etc. with my family. I loved being out in the woods, running free, watching the wildlife. My father would take me to Nahunta, Ga to the other hunting camp, despite the comments from the older members. Dad would put me in the woods with my grandfather’s Smith & Wesson model 1000 shotgun and say “sit still and good luck”! I only ever shot one doe, and we never found her…I was heartbroken. But I loved being in the woods, watching the different critters pass by me.  As the years went by, the family grew apart. I found myself driving my very old Grandfather to hunting camp, just so I could get a chance at another deer. It never happened for me and eventually there was no one to go hunting with. But I could always be found outdoors, either at the Quarter Horse shows or at the Mud Bogs, which is where I met my husband of almost 25 years.
Bryan has been a hunter all his life and we kicked it off immediately.  We married, had a son, Bryan Jr, and moved to North Carolina, where we had our second son, Boone. Bryan joined a Hunting club in Georgia, that we are still apart of to this day. I harvested my first doe on that club, weighing in at 120 lbs., while my husband sat in the truck with the boys watching a clear cut. It was at this club with my husband, that I really learned how to hunt. I learned how to track, drag and clean my harvest. I also became knowledgeable about animals and their habits, patterns, etc.
Over the years, I have harvested some great animals and I’m always proud of whatever I do harvest. I have hunted and harvested Alligator, Turkey, Deer, Ducks, Coyotes, Fox, Hogs and Bobcat. I fly fish in the spring and summer months for trout and we will occasionally take a trip to fish for stripers in Lake Thurmond, SC. Bryan and I have a processing shed where we make various items including burger, summer sausage and country hams with our deer. We grow and can most of our vegetables for the winter months.
I have been married to my hunting mentor, Bryan and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I am passionate about writing. And thankfully, I can share my hunting adventures with Ladies In Camo through Tails of the Hunt. I enjoy spending time with other hunters as well as making new hunting friends.