Ariel McCracken

 My name is Ariel McCracken and I am proud to be a native, Western Pennsylvania Huntress who loves to go hunting and fishing, especially in my own hometown "stompin'" grounds!  I hunt it all--from Whitetail deer, to turkey, to small game, to waterfowl, to recently, bear as well! I also love to archery hunt and I find it extremely fun and peaceful to practice shooting my bow, even if it's just practicing by pulling it back! 

My favorite hunt was during last year's rifle season, when I shot my 8-point "monster buck" out of my tree stand and dropped it right below my stand! Someday I want to harvest a black bear and go on a duck hunt somewhere along the "Flyway Highway."  

I am a recent college graduate from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, where I received my B.A. in Communication and Media Studies, and graduated with highest honors. I've always had a knack for writing and a strong passion for expressing thoughts  and creative ideas, which is probably why I enjoy doing it so much. 

However, my other love and my other true passion is for hunting and fishing. I have been fishing ever since I was a little girl with my Dad and my Pap Pap at our cabin we used to have while growing up, and I have been avidly hunting for over 7 years now. I've always dreamt of hunting with my Dad and Pap Pap when I was younger, however I never got the opportunity to do so with them due to my Pap Pap's passing and my Dad "retiring" from the sport. 

But my wishes to hunt became a reality when my then boyfriend, and my now fiancé, Dan, and I started dating. We have been together for over 7 years now and there have only been very few days where we have not been hunting, fishing, shooting or spending our time outdoors together.  It's a constant, running joke between us that ever since I started hunting with him, that he has not gotten anything because I am always the one harvesting all the game while he sits back and watches or plays "camera man!" Aside from our joking, I would not want to change anything at all! Hunting by yourself is an amazing feeling...but having the opportunity to hunt with your other half is simply indescribable. 

Perhaps one of the best parts about being a hunter and a fisherman is all the stories you can tell to your friends and your family and pass down from generation to generation. 

When you share a love for the outdoors, and a true passion for hunting and fishing, the possibilities are limitless because no matter where you go, you will always have the beautiful and great outdoors to find and create new adventures!